Automate your rentals and sales

Streamlining Equipment Rentals with Innovative SaaS Platform

Borrows is a pioneering Software as a Service (SAAS) platform designed to optimize the management of equipment rentals. This innovative solution caters specifically to businesses and individuals involved in renting out hardware, machinery, and other equipment. By combining advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces, Borrows simplifies the entire equipment rental process for both owners and renters.

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Why choose Borrows?

Each of the following features enhances Borrows's value proposition.

Integration of Astro 4.0 and Tailwind CSS

Offers a powerful combination that enhances both the development process and the end-user experience. Also, allows to build dynamic and visually stunning websites with optimized performance.

Versatile design for startups, small businesses, and more

Easily customize Borrows to harmonize with the unique branding and identity of your venture. Borrows's versatile design adapts to suit your needs.

Effortless customization for portfolios and marketing sites

With intuitive customization, easily showcase portfolio pieces, case studies, project highlights, and relevant content. Ideal for creative professionals and businesses looking to highlight their expertise.

Optimized landing pages and engaging blogs

Landing pages are strategically designed to captivate visitors and prompt specific actions. Additionally, the blog creation feature empowers sharing insights, engaging the audience.

Fast loading times and production-ready code

Using Astro 4.0 ensures fast loading and seamless rendering, enhancing browsing. The code follows best practices, improving user experience, SEO, and reducing bounce rates.

SEO-optimized structure for enhanced visibility

Follows SEO best practices with clean code, semantic HTML markup, and fast loading, enhancing search engine rankings. Borrows's SEO structure ensures visibility to potential customers and clients.

Flexible pricing plans


Access to core features

CHF 29
/ month


Premium templates and advanced customization

CHF 69
/ Month


Tailored solutions for large-scale projects

CHF 199
/ Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Borrows compatible with the latest versions of Astro and Tailwind CSS?

Yes, Borrows is designed to be compatible with the latest versions of both Astro and Tailwind CSS. This ensures that you can harness the full capabilities of these technologies while benefiting from the features offered by Borrows.

Can I use Borrows for both personal and commercial projects?

Certainly! Borrows is versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects, including both personal and commercial endeavors. Whether you're building a professional portfolio, launching a startup, or creating a marketing website, Borrows has you covered.

What level of coding knowledge is required to use Borrows?

While some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and web development concepts is helpful, the user-friendly interface and customization options allow those with limited coding experience to create impressive websites. For more advanced users, Borrows offers extensive customization capabilities.

Is customer support available for Borrows users seeking guidance?

Absolutely, our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter. Feel free to reach out to us through our support channels, and we'll be happy to provide the help you need.

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